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As a former professor of surgery at the Department of Surgery at Hacettepe University in Ankara and as the Medical Director at LivHospital in Ankara, Mr. Ozmen has been in the medical sector for 30 years to date.

Following his graduation from the prestigious University of Ankara Faculty of Medicine in 1989, Mr. Ozmen has continued his education and medical work in several other renowned institutions including the Southampton University Medical School, The Southampton General Hospital & Royal South Hants Hospital, A.Z Maria Middelares Hospital University of Ghent, Belgium, Norfolk & Norwich Hospital, Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge. Further to his directorial duties, Mr. Ozmen is also the Professor of Surgery at ISU School of Medicine, Department of Surgery in Istanbul.

He has over 200 international scientific publications; over 50 book chapters and 15 books in the field of surgery. He has around 2000 citations. He has given around 200 conferences and panel talks in the fields of surgery, surgical management, surgical oncology, surgical technology including laparoscopic and robotic surgery.


Mr. Ozmen will be assisting the healthcare organisations with their business strategy, financial management controls, profits and expenses structure, organizational efficiency, patient care quality, recruitment(including personnel and patient both local and international), marketing and sales.

In order to do so, Mr. Ozmen will be carrying out research and collecting data regarding each client organization in order to conduct a thorough analysis of their business. If clients have particular organizational or healthcare problems that they wish to address, Mr. Ozmen will be focusing his attention in solving these issues, liaising with client managerial staff and providing them with detailed timelines in which proposed business solutions may be implemented in.


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