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Recruitment Consulting

Recruitment Consulting

In the recruitment process, we ask the right questions to determine the needs of a business partner and make the necessary proposals. We take care of all the operational processes for recruiting staff, including interviewing candidates, background research, and job offers. We produce language tests and identity solutions in accordance with the requirements and needs of our business partner.

All information about our business partners and candidates remains confidential to us. We do not make any links without the oral or written consent of our partner. We do not include employees of our business partners with whom we work in our own list of candidates. This principle can be expanded by the written guidance of the candidate of our partner.

Staff Recruitment

We know that combining the right talents with our business partners is the most important problem, and we strive for a long-term partnership in the field of recruiting medium and high-level staff by creating individual solutions for our customers. We carefully carry out all your functions in the field of personnel management with our experienced team of experts who will work according to your needs, we offer fast, at the same time, high-quality and result-oriented service with suitable candidates corresponding to your corporate culture.

We strive to bring our clients success in all positions related to personnel as soon as possible thanks to our team, which closely monitors all developments in this area and our strong communication network. We know people are at the centre of every business that we offer. Due to this difference, the satisfaction of our customers and candidates is growing in direct proportion to our growth rate.

HR Consulting System

In the process of providing recruitment services, she is responsible for selecting appropriate candidates for temporary or permanent positions of client companies. To better understand the needs and requirements of hiring, he works with client companies and establishes relationships. The client defines job descriptions for each position in the company, conducting individual interviews and analysis of the literature with the company.

Job descriptions explain the tasks and responsibilities of a person and ensure an equal distribution of responsibilities within the company. Some tests are used to determine the level of suitability of candidates who want to work in these positions. Determines the strengths and needs of candidates through tests. He scans candidates and conducts interviews and background checks. Define the characteristics and skills of the candidates.

What Is HR Counselling?

For many reasons, companies may decide to seek advice from the human resources department. Using this service, companies can find the most suitable candidate for possible open positions in their organizational structures. For example, today companies can receive many applications for the positions in which they are published.

This can create a big burden for human resources departments of companies. However, HR consulting companies do not use online ratings and so on. processes and can make this workload more efficient. These companies also produce solutions for possible vacancies, evaluating and reporting suitable candidates for the firm through processes such as firm analysis and position analysis. The answer to the question of what he will do to work with a personnel consulting company lies mainly in the cost advantages that can be obtained at these stages.

Monitoring And Reporting

Strong indicators for the impact-driven management of your organization — the services provided and the impacts achieved, staff used and funding — and a reliable reporting system are very important. To ensure the continued success of your organization, we offer a wide range of services, ranging from special analysis tools in the form of Control-Audit to the development of audit guidelines, software selection and application support in the form of training and briefing for key personnel.

Recruitment and Career in the Health Sector

The basic principle of the system of selection and placement of health facilities; at the right time, at the right place, in the appropriate competencies, adopt and apply the philosophy, vision, mission and principles of healthcare institutions, develop yourself, the team and the company, monitor the development of technologies and use them, hire trained and professional human resources.

In addition to meeting the technical requirements of the work, candidates are considered universal, open to training and innovation, successful in human relations and proactive. As we work in the healthcare sector, we provide services with a patient centred system. In this context, it is imperative that we have the potential of employees who strive to exceed the expectations of our patients. First, our list of potential employees includes people who are dedicated to their work, have high communication skills, are sensitive, effective in teamwork and initiatives, and are experts in their work.

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